You never achieve success unless you like what you are doing. Dale Carnegie

Having spent the past 35 years of my business career in financial services has afforded me a successful and diverse background in mortgage loan origination, executive management, operations, marketing, production and development of mortgage origination technology systems. 

Some people come into your life briefly and fleetingly and then they move on just as quickly. But then there are others, others like all my friends and colleagues throughout my career. Not only have they come into my life, but some have stayed a while. Their professional expertise, mentorship, advice and guidance have left indelible footprints in my life, my memories and my heart.

The story of my life is simple and I feel blessed to be healthy, happy and now comfortably retired in Mazatlan, Mexico. I don't know all the answers, yet I do know that in life change is inevitable and a positive outlook is the path to a successful result in staying true to yourself in everything you do.
I am enjoying my retirement and the opportunities that continue to follow. I reflect happily on the career path I have chosen and the knowledge I have gained and the friendships that I have forged.
For those who have touched my life I hope that we will remain friends and if time and distance has set us apart we will meet again, when we least expect it.